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CoEER - Congress of European Emerging Regions

Municipalities and regions compete for innovation, resources, creativeness, investment, knowledge, professionals, technology, skills and recognition. Attractiveness, projection, opportunities and sustainability are key factors for regions to emerge economically and socially. The congress is aimed at distinguishing the best examples of integrated policies that drove regions and municipalities to emerge in a context of global competition.

Investment is a critical factor for emergent regions to succeed. Integrated strategies aimed at building-up investment opportunities are a distinctive mark of well succeeded emerging regions. Discussing such strategies is also an objective of the Congress.

This year the Congress visited a European Emerging region. Beja, the venue, leads a region where growth is higher that European average, investment flow inbounds at a recognizable rate and where jobs attract professionals from other sectors and regions. A well-balanced strategy, through which sectors, investment mechanisms and funding sources are harmonised, succeeds in generating a notable case study among the European Emerging Regions.

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