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The geostrategic partnership has like a main mission achieve common strategic objectives, job´s methodologies and territorial marketing themselves and validated by a consortium of partners involved in the effort to promote the Beja Airport and the surrounding region and strengthen the local infrastructure and services, essential to maximize the impact of the Region.

Its main purpose is to strengthen the mechanisms for acceleration of economic growth and employment generation prioritizing the following set of spheres of activity /activities:

Observatory and masterplan: in order to enhance regional assets, monitor progress and guide public policies and investment decisions;

Communication and projection: for the purpose of generating contents, to producing image and distributing information;

Business missions: in order to hold meetings, maintain communication and ensure attendance;

Projection platform: in order to project opportunities, actives and measures, support communication and operation of the network and start the dynamics integrated management of destination;

Guide business location: in order to facilitate processes, consolidate knowledges and initiate product definition dynamics;

Networks: skills and mobility, with the aim of entering into joint networks, monitor projects for valuing human capital, manage active measures to attract assets;

Public-private cooperation: with the aim of managing clusters, promote alignment of interests and attract support.

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