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Mobility & Transport

The national plan for energy efficiency proposes the reduction of energy consumption by 10% until 2015. Sustainable mobility, including electric mobility and logistics, can operate, if combined with other targeted and innovative measures, as a unit for the establishment of a cluster of technology and services. Moreover, being an essential element to the offer of sophisticated tourism in competitive regions, a wide range logistics adds value to the regional strategy. The combination of electric mobility and logistics functions as a reinforcement for regional development.

From the analysis of the regional trends regarding innovation, the technological services are identified as an essential factor to economic growth and regions potential. Operating as guides in creating a technological cluster based on mobility, electric mobility and logistics contribute to attracting high-tech services and play an important role in accelerating growth.

As part of Beja´s strategy in electric mobility and logistic takes part:

- The attraction of investment projects or innovative entrepreneurship to the region, particularly with regard to advanced mobility services;

- The demonstration of logistics solutions in the application of electric vehicle for urban logistics optimization efficiency and to improve transport management and reducing the environmental impact in urban areas;

- The demonstration of innovative sustainable energy systems viability and integration in different scenarios of urban sustainability.

The City of Beja joined national and international networks whose strategic objectives fit into a policy of improving the mobility, as examples the MOBI.E network and the EVUE - Electric Vehicles in European Urban project.

The city of Beja integrates the MOBI.E network since its pilot phase and currently presents five charging stations for electric vehicles. The EVUE project focuses on the development of integrated strategies and leadership skills to promote the use of electric vehicles in urban areas. The project includes initiatives to encourage the use of vehicles by the public, businesses and public authorities as a contribution to European strategies for air quality, transport, mobility and urban attractiveness and competitiveness.

The EVUE project focuses on the exchange and dissemination of solutions to overcome the main obstacles to the penetration of electric mobility, such as, market barriers, lack of infrastructure, technological changes and the need of modern economic models.

The project partners, in addition to the city of Beja, are the Cities of London (Westminster City Council – that coordinates the project), Zografou, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Madrid, Krakow, Oslo, Suceava and Lisbon

The EVUE project responds to the axis 2.3 of the URBACT programme -environmental issues, in the integrated policies for sustainable transport systems field, the systems support smarter urban transport, promotion of cleaner vehicles and use of alternative means of transport, improving the accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness of public transport, especially relating to the accessibility of disadvantaged urban areas.

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