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The sustainable energy is a strategic plan with a double meaning. On one hand a viable, innovative and sustainable development. Second, the strategies to promote innovation and sustainability are vectors drivers of economic activity, inducing development and creating jobs and growth drivers.

Opportunities from Beja´s energy Cluster:

- Improving the Performance of the economic, social and institutional;

- Promoting more efficient technologies for energy conversion;

- Reducing costs for enterprise customers, public, social and domestic;

- To support and advice on economic issues of environment and optimization of energy consumption;
- Reduce the pressure on local public resources, on infrastructure of the energy system, on economic impacts by exposure to the costs of energy supply and enhance the opportunities of responsibility and anticipation of climate change and global circumstances;

- Anticipate competitive differentiation against the emergence of new patterns of competitiveness constrained by limited resources, diversification of sources, technological options and climate change;

- To promote and develop the penetration of appropriate technology for a rational energy use, its conversion and whenever possible the manufacture and quality of their equipment;

- To promote relations between public and private and domestic and foreign entities in order to harness the full potential of the region's;

- Promote and conduct studies in legal and administrative regulations necessary for proper functioning of the regional energy policy.

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