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CoEER - Congress of European Emerging Regions

Municipalities and regions compete for innovation, resources, creativeness, investment, knowledge, professionals, technology, skills and recognition. Attractiveness, projection, opportunities and sustainability are key factors for regions to emerge economically and socially. The congress is aimed at distinguishing the best examples of integrated policies that drove regions and municipalities to emerge in a context of global competition.

Investment is a critical factor for emergent regions to succeed. Integrated strategies aimed at building-up investment opportunities are a distinctive mark of well succeeded emerging regions. Discussing such strategies is also an objective of the Congress.

This year the Congress visited a European Emerging region. Beja, the venue, leads a region where growth is higher that European average, investment flow inbounds at a recognizable rate and where jobs attract professionals from other sectors and regions. A well-balanced strategy, through which sectors, investment mechanisms and funding sources are harmonised, succeeds in generating a notable case study among the European Emerging Regions.

Web: CoEER

European SME Week 2012

In the past day November, 20th a networking meeting which gathers partners from Sevilla, Rzeszów and Beja was organised.

Sevilla, Beja and Rzeszów are competitive locations for aerospace industries. In common they share the availability of significant aviation infrastructures, space for businesses, attractive location, skilled labour, investment security, support packages, potential for around-the-clock operation, EU integration, moderated costs, quality of life and openness to receive international companies and professionals.

This Networking Meeting extends the European SME week, promoted by DG Enterprise, that includes the Enterprise Europe Network.

The European SME Week aims to:

- provide information on what the EU and national, regional and local authorities are offering as support to micro, small and medium-sized businesses;
- promote entrepreneurship so that more people, and in particular younger ones, seriously consider becoming an entrepreneur as a career option;
- give recognition to entrepreneurs for their contribution to Europe's welfare, jobs, innovation and competitiveness.

This event’s objective is twofold: foreseeing common challenges to be faced by SME in the three target regions and networking .

Networking and cooperation opportunities may rise as the meeting is open to new players, offers and ideas.

This networking meeting is held at:

Cámara de Comercio de Sevilla
Plaza de la Contratación 8, 41004 Sevilla

Registration:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ou This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Programme: "Seville Networking Meeting-Programme"

All information at:

- European SME Week: http://ec.europa.eu

- Event webpage: Innovative SME Networks in Emerging Regions

ASD convention - Visit to Beja International Airport

From 10th to 12th October, AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) annual convention was held in Portugal. 

With more than 900 registered participants, the Convention included a program of intense sessions focusing on issues that are concerning to the companies that represent the aerospace and defense sector.

Under the convention’s scope, a visit to Beja International Airport was held on October, 10th. (programme).

The recently open airport offers a prime location for aviation services and industries in a region likely to bloom next years.

A lively and unique business environment surrounds the new airport: largest artificial lake in Europe, connection to Sines Atlantic ocean port and industrial areas (the largest in Iberian Peninsula), new irrigated areas, new research facilities, new higher education school and a trendy tourism offer.

The Lisbon Convention also included for the first time a Technology Forum with the presence of 50 participants, mostly Portuguese, and included the participation of the municipality of Beja and of the Beja International Airport.

More information: http://www.portugalglobal.pt


- Presentation "Beja airport", Pedro Beja Neves


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